LG G4: Common Problems and How to Fix Them 

We're huge enthusiasts of the LG G4. It brags an essentially staggering presentation, a superb camera, and a sleek outline, however no gadget is great. A couple of issues and LG G4 issues have surfaced on the web. We've been perusing up on the grumblings and checking for arrangements. These are the real issues we've revealed up until now, each with a recommended workaround or settle. We likewise had counsel on the best LG G4 cases and some helpful LG G4 tips and traps. And here is the solution for lg g5 not turning on issue fixed checkout below.         

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Glitch: Random rebooting and boot circle:

On the off chance that your LG G4 has been rebooting for no evident reason, or stalling out in a boot circle, at that point you're not the only one. There are a considerable measure of reports specifying arbitrary reboots. LG recognized the boot circle issue as being caused by "free contact between segments." There's even a claim against LG now about the boot circle issue. In the event that your LG G4 continues killing surprisingly and stalls out in a boot circle, at that point you're presumably must get a repair or substitution. In case you're simply getting arbitrary reboots, at that point there are a couple of things worth attempting first. lg g3 won't turn on also facing so many people so we are cleared this one also check out for solution.

Potential arrangements:

Some of the time a MicroSD card can cause issues this way. Have a go at killing your LG G4 and expelling the SD card to check whether it has any effect.

Take a stab at clearing the reserve parcel. Go to Settings > General > Storage > Cached information and afterward tap OK to clear it. On the off chance that you find that you can't arrive in light of the fact that your G4 continues slamming, at that point have a go at killing the telephone and squeezing and holding Power, Volume up, and Home. Relinquish Power when the G4 vibrates, however continue holding the other two until the point that you see the Android recuperation screen. Utilize the Volume down catch to feature wipe store segment and the Power catch to choose it.

It merits checking protected mode to check whether an outsider application may be your offender. Press and hold the Power catch, at that point tap and hang on Power off when it flies up. You ought to get the choice to boot into experimental mode. On the off chance that the accidents are gone, at that point you know one of the applications you introduced is most likely the reason and you can have a go at uninstalling them one-by-one, or skip to the following stage.

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You should attempt a processing plant reset if nothing else has worked. Client bolster is presumably going to request that you attempt it in any case, before you can get a substitution handset. Ensure you go down anything valuable first. Go to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory information reset > Reset telephone > Delete all. In case you're stuck in a boot circle, at that point you can take a stab at hauling the battery out and supplanting it following 30 seconds to check whether will begin it up typically. In case you can't arrive in light of the fact that it continues smashing, kill the telephone and press and hold Power and Volume down. When you see the LG logo, let go of Power and press and hold it again while proceeding to hold Volume down. You should see the Factory information reset alternative now, and you can utilize Volume down to feature Yes and Power to choose it.

Your last alternative is to go contact your bearer, retailer, or LG and request a substitution. Many individuals with this issue report that they needed to get a substitution handset in the wake of being not able discover another arrangement.

Glitch: Touchscreen lethargic

A great deal of LG G4 proprietors have been whining about touchscreen taps being postponed or just not enrolling by any means. It appears that the touchscreen affectability is off and a few taps are being missed. There have additionally been dissensions about long-squeezing for uncommon characters being amazingly moderate when utilizing the console. On the off chance that you need to affirm whether you are experiencing the issue at that point experiment with the Multitouch Test application.


On the off chance that your principle issue is with the console then you could take a stab at utilizing something else, for example, Google Keyboard or SwiftKey.

Potential arrangements:

LG recognized that there is an issue here, with Buzz Jensen, LG's Head of Marketing in the U.S. tweeting to advise clients to refresh the LG Keyboard by means of Settings > General > About telephone > Update focus > App refresh. This should settle issues in the LG Keyboard, however it won't help in case you're encountering the issue in another application.

In case you're utilizing a screen defender or a case then it could be worth expelling them to test in the event that it has any kind of effect.

A few people have discovered that the issue appears to be settled or possibly lessened after they flipped Force GPU Rendering in the Developer choices menu. To open Developer alternatives go to Settings > General > About telephone > Software information and tap on Build number more than once until the point that you see the message You are presently an engineer! Backpedal to Settings > General and you'll see Developer alternatives. Head in there and flip Force GPU Rendering to check whether it has any effect for you.

Issue: Lag

Many individuals have been whining about slack on the LG G4. This might be connected to the touchscreen responsiveness issue, or it might be a different issue. Most grievances are tied in with slacking when waking the gadget or exchanging between applications. It's an effective telephone that truly shouldn't slack, so there are a couple of things you can endeavor to determine this.


You could take a stab at utilizing an alternate launcher, for example, Nova Launcher. A few people report less slack when not utilizing the default LG launcher.

A few people report less slack in the wake of going to Settings > General and flipping Dual window off. This may help on the grounds that long pushing on Back is an alternate route to Dual window.

You could attempt the old activity trap. Open Developer alternatives by tapping on Build number a few times in Settings > General > About telephone > Software data. You'll discover Developer alternatives in Settings > General and you can switch Window movement scale, Transition liveliness scale, and Animator length scale to 0.5x or turn them off totally.

Potential arrangements:

Debilitate or uninstall any applications or recreations that you aren't utilizing. You should need to experiment with Greenify and check whether it can help your LG G4 run all the more easily.

It may be worth attempting a production line reset. Ensure that you're moved down and after that go to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory information reset.

A lot of proprietors are revealing slack free LG G4 execution so it could be worth backpedaling to your bearer, retailer, or LG and endeavoring to get a substitution handset.